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At In REM Real Estate, we understand that buying or selling real estate is more than just a transaction – it is often a life-changing experience that will shape a client’s life for years beyond the Closing table. Leveraging our knowledge, contacts and resources, we assist clients not just during their search, purchase and later sale of real estate, but throughout their entire length of ownership. We are more than just a real estate brokerage company, helping clients buy and sell real estate in the short-term. At In REM Real Estate, we are life-long, real estate consultants.


There is a saying about real estate… that no two pieces of property are the same. At In REM Real Estate we understand that this rings true of our clients as well. Our starting point is our client’s ending point. With a clear understanding of a client’s end goals and objectives, we can then better advise, educate and assist.


At In REM Real Estate, our objective is to add as much value as possible to every client’s unique real estate needs. Using the above approach, we accomplish this by providing thorough and comprehensive advise. Are you looking to locate and purchase your first home? Our team has produced a wealth of information to specifically assist first time homebuyers. Are you a seasoned developer looking to acquire, re-zone and develop real estate? With knowledge of real estate finance, zoning and development, we will help you to locate real estate; to generate, stress-test and analyze pro formas; and guide you step-by-step through the process.
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